February 2021 Investment Summary

February was a pretty volatile month for us and for the stock market as a whole. We saw our portfolio reach an all-time high of over $220,000 then plummet just days later to $190,000. Overall, we ended our month at $204,131.84. This was a 1.41% increase over the previous month, which we are very happy with.

It’s also important for us to keep in mind that peaks and valleys in the stock market are completely normal and that we shouldn’t be monitoring our investments day-to-day, but rather year-to-year. It can be tempting to see a dip in a stock and instinctually feel the need to sell, but we believe in the stocks we’ve chosen. That’s why we continue to hold them, even when they dip.

Right now, here’s where we’re sitting:

  • ~$50,000 professionally managed in a TFSA and RRSP, invested in mutual funds
  • ~$150,000 across both of our TFSAs

This month, we were extremely excited to receive $466.60 in dividend income! About $250 of that came from our mutual funds. Here’s where the rest came from (all in CAD):

Stock TickerStock NameFeb Dividend
POWPower Corporation of Canada$48.78
SGR.UNSlate Grocery REIT$43.33
SRU.UNSmartCentres REIT$37.00
BMOBank of Montreal$21.20
RNWTransAlta Renewables Inc$13.00

Given the size of our portfolio, $214 is overall a pretty low yield (about 1.5%), but, given our stage in life, we have a portion of our portfolio invested in higher risk (and hopefully higher reward) stocks. These growth stocks account for approximately 55% of our overall portfolio. Comment below if you’re interested in seeing our entire portfolio, not just our dividend stocks.

We started seriously investing around November, when stocks were still bouncing back from the impacts of COVID-19, so we were lucky enough to nab some great yields! So far, our average yield across our dividend stocks is over 6%!

More excitingly, our $466.60 dividend income covered 7.69% of our overall spending in February or all of our groceries this month! We anticipate that March will be a much higher dividend month for us, given the payout dates of our stocks and huge payout we had in December, and we can’t wait to see how much of our spending that will cover!

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