About Us

We’re Blake and Ryan – two millennials on our journey to financial freedom.

We are both under 30 years old and live in downtown Toronto, Canada with our puppy, Chandler. Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve both been working from home full-time. With lots of extra time on our hands we quickly realized it was the perfect time to learn everything we possibly could about money management, budgeting and investing.

Another huge factor that pushed us to plan for the future is that we got married in 2020! Although it was a COVID wedding, and miles away from what we ever dreamed, we loved every second of it! And in hindsight, the money we were able to save by not having the huge 250-person wedding we were planning, probably put us years ahead financially.

So, why start this blog?

We noticed a huge gap in the number of people in our age group in Canada, specifically Toronto, talking about money and budgeting. We hope to inspire at least one person to take a hard look at their finances and start to plan for their future. We’re not perfect – in fact we’re far from it. We probably spend too much on take out and our rent is sky-high, but we’re all about finding the right balance between saving and enjoying our lives.

We hope you enjoy the ride along our journey, and hopefully even learn something!

Note: Blake and Ryan aren’t our real names, but we want to be completely transparent about every dollar we earn and exactly where we spend it, which means we need to keep some anonymity.

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